Hurts so much to know the truth

Ok, originally this was Hermione/Luna but the latter's face just wasn't working out. I sat and brooded at the picture for a while, got a fic idea, started writing, and THEN realised this screamed Hermione/Lavender to me (hence why I was writing a Hermione/Lavender ficlet XP). So off with Luna's face! If anyone wants to see it, I can upload it for you. :P

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i cannot refuse your eyes

Because I can't help myself and the base manip is just too cute!

Rating: G
Pairing: Parvati/Lavender
Notes: Um. None. Made in Photoshop CS3. Also, characters are not mine. But you know. I think ya'll know that by now. ;) It doesn't even have to be a shippy manip, if you're not that way inclined. :P X-posted to hp_manips, hp_girlslash and hp_flslash_art.

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Pigwallager - Hermione/Luna - fic + manip!

Title: Pigwallager
Author: augustepiphany
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Hermione/Luna
Summary: Luna was always saying strange things; Hermione had just gotten used to it. She only half-listened to what Luna said, sure if she listened too closely she'd go just as mad as the Ravenclaw.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, neither girl is mine. Neither is the Ageing Potion. The Pigwallager, however, is totally mine. Boo-yah!

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